Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Fortune Teller

I have always wanted my very own "Fortune Teller" machine! You know the old ones that would be at the creepy carnivals like in the movie "BIG" with Tom Hanks. So I looked into it... and they are about $3000-6000 bucks!!! Not being able to afford that :( I decided I would make my own. I found the perfect vintage gun case to transform into my Fortune Teller. I am not finished yet... as it is taking longer than I thought to create it lol. But I thought I would post some pictures for everyone to see :0


Uncanny Curiosities said...

That is fantastic! I like the bird on top of the box.

kimberly said...

Thank so much uncanny!! I am lining it with velvet on the inside and going to add lights also. I will post pics when its done :)

Uncanny Curiosities said...

It gets even better,looking forward to seeing pictures.