Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skull Memento Mori Lighted Shrine and Other Creepy Decor

So just because Halloween is over does not mean I take down my decorations....It might be weird but this is how my house is decorated lol! These are some new pieces I have been working on and will list a couple of them in my Etsy store . The HUGE 6'x5' Memento Mori painting I did will have to stay with me :( As shipping would be a pain and expensive! I started making these lighted curio memento mori pieces and had a blast creating them! Thanks to my father-in-law who made the coffin cases :) I think they turned out pretty cool and creepy if you like this sort of thing.


Uncanny Curiosities said...

The lighted curio memento mori pieces are wonderfully dark and beautiful. Fantastic pieces!

kimberly said...

Oh thanks so much!! I had a blast making them :)