Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi everyone! I thought since Halloween is my all time favorite time of year that I would post a few pictures of pieces that I have created in the spirit of Halloween :0 This first piece is a skull that I have covered with antique Victorian black beaded mourning trim. I hand sewed the little velvet green pillow it sits apon and has a dome glass piece that fits over the top. I also took a antique clock that no longer was working and painted it. I just thought these two pieces looked so good together as the glass encased skull sits ontop of the clock.

This is actually a piece that my mother (Gail Lackey) created for me :) She is one of the most talented creative people I know! She hand sculpted this tiny ghostie girl that now lays in an wooden coffin lined with antique velvet. My father-in-law actually handmade the tiny wooden coffin!

This piece is one of my favorites! I hand painted the shadowbox with black and white checkers, hand sewed the antique velvet curtains with metallic trim and lined the inside with lights. Below I added an antique Victorian "Our Darling" coffin plate surrounded by black flowers.

Here is another shadowbox I created. using a antique gesso framed box I added a skull and surrounded it with vintage flowers. This piece is aso lined with lights and looks so cool at night! Well thats all for now till next time :)

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